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grant + joy = engaged!

Awwwwwww, I’ve known Joy’s family for a long time.  Her brother is my classmate and I’ve known him since elementary school.  Her older brother and I also go way back — those stories for another day!  :)  I’ve always thought of Joy as “little Joy”, you know, Ray and Brendan’s little sister.  Imagine my shock when she asked me to photograph her wedding!  Little Joy is now taller than me (like wayyyyyyy taller!) and oh so beautiful… she and Grant are just the cutest!  I also have NO idea what Joy is doing these days but she needs to be a stylist because she picked out the best outfits.  As I told her, “nice eye-popping complimenting colors but not matchy matchy”.

Ummmmm, can I say Anthropologie ad?  Love. this. picture.

I made them hike through a wild field of pokey branches to find a shady spot.  Once there, I made them move around to find the perfect light.  Right next to them was some soiled diapers and wipes.  Not kidding!

The rain held off, we had lots of fun and I can’t wait for their big day in 2012!

LaLA land!

A visit to LA wouldn’t be complete without a photo shoot with the Murakami’s.  Mama Traci has been taking care of all the Luke’s hair needs for the past 10+ years.  Way back in the day we said we’d barter services and 10 years later, the deal is still going strong.  Their daughter was my very FIRST client and now she is in the 2nd grade!  I walked her to school last week and cried when I said bye to her at the airport.  We always have fun visiting…just like old times, but with new rugrats in the picture.  It’s pretty amazing how well our kids play together.  There were times of extreme noise around the house, naked kids running away from us parents avoiding bath time and cries (more like loud screaming) when we separated them at night because they wouldn’t go to sleep!  PEOPLE, we aren’t 21 anymore.  Staying up past 10 these days is extremely hard and we need our beauty rest!  Love you guys & can’t wait to see you all again soon!