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luis + abby = engaged!

I think we spent the whole morning laughing…the entire time!  Isn’t this sign just spendid?  She got it off etsy.  Yes, Abby’s my kind of (etsy) gal!

I made this bunting for the two of them to hold.  I know Luis was thinking, “OH HELL NO” when I busted it out.  He was a good sport and I didn’t pull his man card.:)

love love love this one!

This needs to go in a magazine or something…

oohh Abby….you go with your bad self!  You are beautiful!

seriously guys, can you stop being so cute?

We ended on this beach cause this is their favorite spot.  It was BRIGHT with no clouds but we made it work.  There were even 2 honus swimming by the shoreline.

Thanks for the fun morning…can’t wait for October!