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Why I can’t do kids photography

This amount of bribing, yelling, scolding and begging involved in photographing kids is plain ridiculous (esp with MY kids!)

ME:  Hug her gently.  Don’t squeeze her!!!!  Hold hands…but look at me and smile!!!

ME: Cute smile, come on!  No playing!  CONCENTRATE ON THE FLAG!!!  Look at me!

ME:  One nice one…c’mon guys!!!  Who wants a snack???!!!!  (LOUD YELLS!!!!!!)  Okay, seriously…look here.  Nice smile…

ME:  Good Kella!!!!!  Keep smiling!!!  Camden—SMILE!!!!!!  Sit up straight.  Show your teeth!!!

Chong + Marvin = Engaged!

I loved meeting these two and can’t wait to photograph their wedding in October.  Especially since I’ll be documenting their traditional Chinese tea ceremony too!!!  Woo hoo!

Seriously, how cute are they?  This looks like a resort ad for the Ihilani, don’t you say?  Who cares that we snuck onto their hotel property to get these shots???!!!!!

The mosquitoes ATTACKED Chong!  Oh my geez…it was like a buffet dinner!!!!  She was such a trooper though!  :)

I seriously LOOOVEEE this one!