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Logo Tournament

I felt the need for some uber cute re-branding, but was having major creative block with ideas, so I decided to use Logo Tournament.  Basically you set the prize (minimum is $250), time limit and state your specifications (there is a questionnaire that you fill out), then you sit back and wait for the entries to start pouring in!!!  It was so fun…graphic artists from all over the world started posting up their “entries” and I would rank them daily, comment on them, ask them to “change this” and “change that”…man, it was seriously the best $300 I’ve spent in a long time!  If you need a business logo or anything of that sort, I’d seriously recommend Logo Tournament.  Where else can you get this many ideas for that price?  I think at last count, I had over 50 entries.

Once you choose a winner, you download the full size file to do what you please with it!!!  Here is my winner…what do you think?


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