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Monthly Archives: August 2010

baby Twixie

NO, that is not her name but that’s what they call her!  If I could do things all over again, I’d take some nice pictures of me and kylie while I was pregnant.  I didn’t want any pictures because I felt like a giant oompa loompa (both times), but then I really forgot what i…

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First day

In the morning rush to eat breakfast, brush teeth, gel hair, get dressed and rush out, I managed to snap these quick shots on the way out the door! There were tears…one day at a time i suppose…

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Field Trip Friends

Found a bunch of fun pictures in my FTF’s archive that I’m finally catching up with.  This was at a veggie farm.  Camden got to pick an eggplant and won bok…how cool is that????!!!!  Look, he’s watering the green onions… It’s hard to believe that in 2 weeks, my little man will be in preschool….

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