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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Windy Days!

The wind was soooooooooo strong…we almost all blew away! Who likes to see their parents kiss? Ewwwwww………..not them! My favorite picture of the day.  This one is for the wall!!!

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it’s beginning to look alot like christmas!

With Thanksgiving rolling around this week, we ventured around town to take our Christmas card pictures.  Camden got a cool haircut from our favorite hairdresser Aunty Traci.  And because a post is not complete without pictures, here are some fun ones…(and you don’t have to say it…Kella’s “healthy” (we already know this, thank you!).  For…

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November already?

I cannot believe that the Christmas decorations and Candy Cane train is already up at Ala Moana.  Did they forget about Thanksgiving?!!!!!!  Anyways, I can’t believe that it’s already November.  Where did the year go?  I guess when you’re not working for 5 months, it goes by really quickly.  Man, I really need to find…

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twins=double happiness

Meet Katelyn and Madison…these two little bundles of joy were so…LITTLE!!!!  Oh my goodness…they were soooo tiny and were drowning in their dresses!  Maile and Toby, the proud parents, were “tired” as it was a rough night!  OH MY HOW I REMEMBER THOSE NIGHTS…I sure don’t miss that!!!  Hang in there – it only gets…

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where have i been?

Doesn’t Camden look like he could be apart of this family?!!!!!  This is Kylie’s classmate Marc.  From the stories I hear, I can’t wait for Camden and Payton to be the second generation of rascal teenagers that their father’s once (well still are) were.  Marc owns his own insurance business with Allstate so call him…

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