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A visit to California would not be complete without seeing our good friends!  We’ve had a long standing deal that I don’t worry about my mane and mommy Traci doesn’t worry about her family pictures.

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At the end of last year, I decided to concentrate ONLY on weddings and seniors (ya ya ya…i need to update my web page!).  While I love photographing families and seeing babies grow up right before my eyes and seeing their kids turn into bonafide teenagers (who text 24/7!!! SUCH A DIFFERENT GENERATION I TELL…

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Logo Tournament

I felt the need for some uber cute re-branding, but was having major creative block with ideas, so I decided to use Logo Tournament.  Basically you set the prize (minimum is $250), time limit and state your specifications (there is a questionnaire that you fill out), then you sit back and wait for the entries…

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9 months!

This weekend I wanted to take Kella’s 9 month pictures but everytime I drove past the Waipio Soccer Park, it was always soooo sunny!  So I waited and waited until the sun went away and the clouds moved in.  Thank goodness for el-manuel and my trusty 50 1.2.  That lens was worth every penny!  Here’s…

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